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water and petroleum projects and Equipment

  • Aqua Net Co. is a leader Company in the field of trade, import  &  export water equipment’s.

  • Aqua net Co. has a well attendance in home and abroad  in  addition  to  its   good  reputation  in  dealing and  its  high capacity  of  importing  and marketing  all  the  goods 

  • Aqua Net Co. has 55 years of experience in trade  of  biggest  importers distributors  and  agent’s . it  specialized  in  water  Equipment’s:

  1. All PIPES  type  (Ductile  Iron Pipes,  seamless steel  pipes,  welded steel pipes).

  2. All PIPES FITTINGS   (tee, bends, adaptor, reducers, rubber joints, etc…).

  3. All  VALVES  types  (Gate valve,  check  Valve ,  Butterfly  Valve ,  Safety Valve ,  Air  Release  Valve ,  etc …) 

  4. All  type  of  EQUIPMENTS  (Water  Meter,  Dosing Pump,  and  Manhole Cover,  Accessories.  etc…)


  • Since  its establishment the  company has been attaching great important to the latest development of water equipment and built long term technical cooperation  relationships with International  companies. 

  • Aqua nets Co. is careful to deal  with the  equipment  in c onformity with high  quality  and  modern standards. 

  • Aqua nets Co.  Has  its  branches  in  Syria  and  always  looks  for expansion  in   other  countries. And it gets agency from International companies.